Le Mieux


Exfoliating Cleansing Gel

An oil-free, deep pore cleanser specifically formulated for combination and oily, blemish-prone skin. Infused with Beta Acid, as a natural exfoliant, it inhibits new breakouts by eliminating excess oil and removing dead skin cells.


Phyto-Nutrient Cleansing Gel

A unique marine-vegetal formulation purifies as it gently cleanses and moisturizes, protecting the skin’s fragile elasticity. While removing environmental impurities and make-up, it also soothes and nourishes the epidermal cell layers.


Essence Moisture

This multi-peptide protein emulsion is a light and elegant moisturizer for normal/combination skin. It assists in reducing the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and other signs of aging while helping to hydrate and increase cell rejuvenation.


24hr age Defying Cream

A triple skin-nourishing formula enriched with essential vitamins, peptides and soothing botanicals that work synergistically to strengthen skin tissue and restore skin tone. Corrects skin imperfections and delays appearance of wrinkles.


Bio Cell Rejuvenating Cream

This luxurious formulation delivers a combination of profoundly effective topical Hyaluronic Acid & Glycoprotein. Supercharged with fortifying amino acids and a combination of peptides, it promotes resiliency and improves skin firmness. Formulated as a superior day cream, it can also be used as an effective cell rejuvenating night cream.


Eye Wrinkle Corrector

A unique bio-cellular complex with hydrating ingredients and fortified with a resurfacing complex, vital amino acids and proteins necessary for the optimum production of collagen and elastin. Powerful dermal fibroblast activators result in accelerated skin renewal, reinforced essential elasticity, diminished appearance of fine lines, lessened intensity of dark circles and reduction of eye puffiness. When applied daily, long-term benefits to the delicate dermal matrix become apparent as the damage from the sun, stress, fatigue and the natural aging process visibly lessen.


Vita-C Serum

Fight prematurely aging skin with this rich, concentrated serum from the most stable, pure quality and maximum strength Vitamin C (Magnesium Ascorbyl Phosphate). Stimulates collagen production to illuminate a dull complexion, brightens the skin and delays the loss of healthy skin tone.


Hyaluronic Serum

As a hyaluronic acid based complex, this phenomenally effective concentrate retains 1000 times its own volume in moisture. The deeply penetrating, intense hydration protects fragile skin from the environmental pollutants that cause pre-mature aging while smoothing existing fine lines and wrinkles.


Vita-C Skin Protective Crème

This advanced lightweight formula fights photoinduced aging & provides an invisible veil for face protection against free radical damage and guards against the harmful environmental damage. It minimizes the appearance of premature signs of aging and dramatically improves skin tone and texture. This perfect formula provides optimum skin protection with antioxidant Vitamins C (Magnesium Ascorbyl Phosphate) and E, Beta Fructan, Beta Glucosamine and natural Olive fruit extract.


A&E Corrector

Medicated formula penetrates pores to control blackheads/whiteheads while preventing future outbreaks. Quickly eliminates skin imperfections and formations of unsightly marks. Daily application to problem areas will result in a clearer, smoother, and healthier looking complexion.


O2 Calming Gel

This ultimate hydrating skin gel calms, soothes and moisturizes dehydrated and irritated skin with natural organic botanical extracts. It is highly recommended as a comforting massage and ultrasound gel, combining the latest technology with organic natural ingredients which enhance a variety of biological functions resulting in added benefits. The calming gel immediately relieves burning, stinging, redness as well as irritated skin. It is also recommended as an excellent after shave gel that delivers instant and lasting comfort from shave irritation.


Bio Cell+ Mask

Le Mieux Bio Cell + Mask is the most innovative of its kind in the skincare market. Made of highly specialized Freeze Dried Marine Collagen Mask, it incorporates wound care technology for healing and soothing while dramatically reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. In just 15-20 minutes, see amazing results that you thought could never be possible from a mask. Without a single doctor’s visit, without a single injection, your skin will look incredibly brighter, firmer, and smooth.


TGF-β Eye Firming Mask

Experience a miraculous eye line eraser. Fine lines around the eyes seem to disappear within minutes after the first application. Years of research developed a powerful and innovative cooling eye-energizing mask to help increase oxygen uptake. The sophisticated micro delivery system helps to improve the appearance of fine lines and stimulates collagen synthesis.


Hyaluronic Shea Mask

Infused with Hyaluronic Acid, which naturally occurs in the human dermis, this mask contains excellent moisture binding capabilities to reduce trans-epidermal water loss, dryness and roughness, while improving elasticity. A rejuvenating and hydrating mask, it is highly recommended for dry, damaged and mature skin.